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Honored to Serve

State & Local Public Safety

Whether you are a small agency, a statewide 911 PSAP, or State Police, your mission is to serve and protect. Valor IMS supports your efforts for managing incidents from the inception of the call through final disposition and case management.

Some of our Distinct Clients

  • Macon County 911 since 1995
  • New Hampshire Department of Safety 911 since 1999
  • City of Hartford, WI since 2001
  • New York State Police since 2003
  • Rhode Island 911 since 2003
  • Village of Broadview since 2004
  • Bland County, VA since 2015
  • Metra Rail Police since 2015

Department of Defense

Valor Systems has earned the distinct honor to serve our United States Navy and Air Force throughout Regions Outside Continental United States. Our Department of Defense has selected Valor IMS for managing security and safety on various bases around the world. Valor Systems had to meet strict functional and technical requirements as well as extended security measures within the software itself.

US Navy US Airforce


Fortune 500 Global Security

We are living in a different world, and we must operate in a pro-active based security model. Simply recording incidents on a paper report form or word processing template does not offer predictive or preemptive measures. Valor Secure allows your company to build intel and associations, observe real-time incidents and trends across your company footprint and incorporate mass notification to alert all facilities for optimum situational awareness. Many companies have implemented Valor solutions in their Global Security Operation Center (GSOC) for enhancing their resource allocation, reducing response time and arriving on-scene more informed.

Valor Systems serves many unique clients throughout various market sectors, including Hospitality, Theme Parks, Pharmaceutical, Media and Technology companies. Valor solutions enable you to manage incidents at headquarters in your GSOC, initiate backup operations at a secondary SOC, and even dispatch resources across the globe.

  • Serving the worlds largest theme parks since 1996
  • Serving a global technology company in Silicon Valley and Europe since 2011
  • Serving a global pharmaceutical company since 2014
  • Valor welcomes a new global media client in 2016